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Look Ahead - Week of July 15 to July 21, 2018


Contractor continues progress with major concrete pours on garage level P4 (lowermost level). This past week they completed two (2) pours with the next pour scheduled for Monday, July 16.

Executive Summary

The project continues to track for an April 2020 substantial completion.

Level P4 and Footer Construction

Steady progress has been made placing concrete for the building foundation including the bottommost level of the garage, known as Level P4. Level P4 will be constructed in 10 phases (10 concrete pours). Thus far, five of the 10 pours have been successfully completed.

Two (2) large concrete pours were completed this past Monday (7/9) totaling nearly 900 cubic yards. This large quantity of concrete required the use of two large concrete pumps, a small transfer pump know as a “spider” and required ninety (90) concrete truck deliveries. Concrete deliveries were steady, but at no time queued in Grandview Avenue. A second, smaller pour was completed on Wednesday (7/11).

The contractor has taken advantage of very favorable weather over the past several weeks and completed five of the 10 bottom slab pours. The next pour is scheduled for Monday (7/16), followed by a second pour currently scheduled for Friday (7/20). The P4 level is expected to wrap-up the week of July 30, at which time walls and elevated slab construction will commence.

Numerous quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) inspections are conducted daily to ensure that the concrete, waterproofing, and reinforcing systems have met specified QA/QC requirements. Rigorous inspections are conducted by third-party inspection firms, peer review experts, the contractor, and MCDOT with oversight by the County’s Department of Permitting Services (DPS). Quality is everyone’s business!

Walls and Elevated Slabs

Waterproofing the outside face of the vertical walls is underway. Wall construction will commence following P4 (bottom slab) construction.

Utility Construction

Underground electric (Pepco) work will continue along Grandview Avenue and Ennalls Avenue this week. Several parking meters will be bagged daily to facilitate this work. MCDOT Parking Operations is the lead on bagging and un-bagging parking meters. Both MCDOT and the utility contractor have been careful to bag only those meters in the immediate proximity to the work and to remove bags whenever work has paused. This work is going well and expected to wrap up in the next 3 weeks.

Following installation of the underground electrical conduit along Grandview Avenue, Verizon will mobilize its crews and place underground conduit for relocation of its communication cables from overhead to underground. Soon thereafter, all overhead lines along Grandview will be removed.

Also included in the project is sanitary sewer upgrades along Reedie Drive, Grandview Ave and Veirs Mill Drive. A separate schedule will be published in an upcoming weekly report for this work.

Follow Project Progress via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Concrete placement for garage Level P4 over the next four weeks
  • Placing waterproofing in advance of wall construction
  • Placing formwork for upcoming outside wall pours
  • Utility construction in Grandview Avenue and Ennalls Avenue
Concrete pour#2
Preparing for Pour #4 in the early morning hours of July 9
Concrete pour#4
Pour #4 nearly complete (foreground)
Concrete pour#4
Waterproofing against the outside face of vertical walls
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