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Disposition of County-Owned Property

The Montgomery County Code governs the disposition of County-owned property (view the Executive Regulation here ). The Office of Planning and Development works with DGS’ Office of Real Estate to properly dispose of County-owned real property. These disposition regulations also apply to leases and licenses for County-owned land and facilities, but exclude surplus school facilities, parkland, and transportation projects including roads. The process begins with an overview by the County’s Office of Management and Budget to determine if the property is not designated for a specific public use in a master plan, not suitable for a Capital Improvement Project, and generally not appropriate for future reuse by the County. After this initial review, all County departments and outside agencies (including the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission, Montgomery County Public Schools, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, municipalities located in Montgomery County and others) are invited to propose a reuse of the property. The County Executive then must determine if the property is appropriate for reuse by a County department or outside agency, or that the property is no longer needed for public use and should proceed for disposition.

If the Executive decides that the property should proceed for disposition, OPD will advertise the disposition and invite organizations outside of the government to propose a reuse for the property. After reviewing all responses, the County Executive makes a final decision on the organization with whom staff should negotiate. The material terms of the contract must be approved by the County Council in order to execute a contract with the selected party. Finally, after receiving approval from the County Council, Montgomery County Planning Board and advertising the disposition publicly, the contract is executed with the selected party and the disposition process is complete.

Click here for a chart illustrating the disposition process .

For the foreseeable future, we are working only on disposition that advance County projects.

Completed dispositions include:

Picture of Germantown Bank

Glen Echo Fire Station Expansion

In December 2018 the county transferred the Glen Echo Fire Station expansion site to the Conduit Road Fire Board, owner and operator of the Glen Echo Fire Station. The additional land will allow for a major renovation to meet current and future fire/rescue services delivery requirements.

Edison Park Parkland

Edison Park Parkland

Montgomery County entered into a long term lease with the City of Gaithersburg in November 2018 for a portion of the County-owned property on Edison Park Drive. The City will use the property as parkland for passive and active recreational uses. The City will pay to refurbish and maintain the area, as well as provide recreational programming and scheduling, adding a needed recreational resource for the area.

Picture of Germantown Bank

175 Watts Branch Parkway

This vacant five-acre property lies within the City of Rockville’s Wootton’s Mill Park. In 2017, the County sold the property to the City of Rockville so that it could be incorporated into the surrounding parkland. The money from the sale of the property will be used to support affordable housing.

Picture of Germantown Bank

The Historic Germantown Bank Building

The Germantown Historical Society (GHS) had been leasing this historic building since 2003, using it as the organization’s headquarters as well as space for museum displays and public meetings. The GHS proposed to make the building their permanent headquarters, and the disposition of the property was completed in July 2015.

Picture of Silver Spring Library

Cultural Programming in the new Silver Spring Library

The new Silver Spring Library was designed with arts programming in mind, and before its opening OPD requested proposals to provide cultural and educational opportunities in the basement, ground floor, and second floor of the new building. Two local nonprofits were selected to provide programming: the Gandhi Brigade, a youth media organization, and Levine Music, a community music school.

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