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Building Design and Construction

Clarksburg Fire Station

Montgomery County Government
Department of General Services

Project Manager
Rouben Ghazarian, P.E.
(240) 777-6056
Section Chief
Don Scheuerman
(240) 777-6075

Show the project location in google map On Frederick Road north of Clarksburg Road
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Clarksburg Sewer-Historic Area

Funding/Expenditure Schedule: APPROVED

Hughes Group Architects
22630 Davis Drive, Suite 175
Sterling VA 20164
(703) 437-6600

Current Phase:Design

The project Amended Mandatory Referral review has been completed. The project has been revised from the original one story structure to a two-story structure reducing the building footprint from 22,600 SF to 17,295 SF in order to meet the required site impervious area from the original 60,235 SF to 46,483 SF. Both the Schematic design and Design Development Phases of the project has been completed. After one year pause of the project due to fiscal constrain the design of Construction Document phase has started. The project is dependent on WSSC extension of public sewer to historic Clarksburg as well as the pump station which is funded by WSSC. For sewer project for Historic Clarksburg please go to following link below;

This project provides for a new Fire/Rescue Station in the Clarksburg area and the purchase of associated fire apparatus. The new facility will be located at 23420 Frederick Road in Clarksburg. The new station will be constructed in accordance with the requirements for a Class I Fire Station. A Class I Fire Station is 19,550 to 20,135 square feet in size and includes apparatus bays, dormitory and support space, personnel living quarters, administrative offices and meeting/training room. Additionally, this station will include offices for a Battalion Chief, a Police satellite facility, space for the Up County Regional Services Center and personal protective equipment storage totaling 2,600 square feet. The total square footage of this station will be 17,295 square feet. On-site parking will be provided. Fire/Rescue apparatus to be purchased for this station includes an aerial truck, a tanker and a brush truck.

A new station is necessary in this area due to the present and projected population density for the Clarksburg area. Clarksburg is expected to increase from a few thousand residents to more than 25,000. The Clarksburg Town Center is envisioned to include a mix of housing, commercial, retail, recreation and civic uses with the Clarksburg Historic District as the focal point.

This project is recommended in the Fire, Rescue, Emergency Medical Services and Community Risk Reduction Master Plan approved by the County Council in October 2005 and the MCFRS Station Location and Resource Allocation Work Group, Phase I Report, “Need for Upcounty Fire-Rescue Resource Enhancements, October 14, 1999. Development of this facility will help Montgomery County meet the NFPA 1710 Guidelines.

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