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Library Refurbishment


Connie Morella

MCPL Refreshed

Quince Orchard

A “refurbishment” project is part of the Montgomery County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that was approved by the County Council and County Executive to enable public library buildings to be refurbished at a lower cost and in a shorter time than a full renovation requires. The Library Refurbishment CIP funds programmatic, aesthetic, and service improvements to two libraries each fiscal year. The Program will enable the County to refurbish all 21 libraries in about 10 years. Previously, library buildings were only renovated (on average) once every 25+ years. The refurbishment of a library is focused on making the most impact and best use of the funds and takes only approx. six (6) months for construction. In comparison, a complete and full renovation of a library often takes 1 – 2 years and multi-millions of dollars which means the libraries are closed longer and they don’t get improved as often due to limited funding.

The work at each library depends on the needs that Montgomery County Public Libraries identifies. Library refurbishments generally include the following:

  • ADA improvements to the parking lot, pedestrian access, and book drop;
  • Completely new public restroom fixtures, flooring, and finishes to meet the ADA requirements;
  • Color coordinated paint and carpet;
  • LED lighting fixture retrofits;
  • Sit / Stand ergonomic circulation and information desks;
  • Construction of collaboration rooms for 2, 4 or 6 persons;
  • New furniture, shelving, and displays ;
  • Children’s room reorganization and enhancements with early literacy elements and furniture ;
  • Electric connectivity to seating groups
  • Vinyl flooring in meeting rooms
  • Ceiling tile replacement as needed
  • Security cameras and ID badge card readers

Library Refurbishment Projects

  • FY15 Library Refurbishment – Completed Twinbrook and Kensington Libraries
  • FY16 and FY 17 Library Refurbishment – Completed Davis, Little Falls, and Aspen Hill
  • FY18 Library Refurbishment – Completed Quince Orchard, White Oak, and Connie Morella Libraries
FY19 Library Refurbishment

Long Branch


FY20 Library Refurbishment


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