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Building Design and Construction

Roof Replacement: Fire Stations

This project provides for the replacement of roofs at fire and rescue stations where existing roofs are in poor and deteriorating condition.

Routine roof maintenance and minor repairs are funded in the Operating Budget. One station roof replacement is programmed annually.

Roof replacements are coordinated with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service and are consistent with the roof condition survey and facility assessment information to establish priorities.

Current project(s)

Rockville Fire Station #33)


The roof on the Fire Station #33 facility consists of two primary roof levels, a small hose tower, and two steep roof slate sections. The roofing system on the low‐slope roof areas, which total approximately 7,280 sf, is believed to be EPDM fully adhered. The EPDM roofing systems have exceeded their life expectancy and are scheduled for replacement. Slate shingles, installed circa 1995, exist on the steep‐slope roof areas, which total approximately 4,000 sf. The slate shingles appear in generally fair condition and are currently not scheduled for replacement. However, repairs will be included in the roof replacement project.

Project Status

Project is currently under construction and expected to be completed by June 2107

Project Images

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