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Therapeutic Recreation
clubs and dances
Clubs and Dances
Adult clubs are designed to enhance community participation, skill development, and decision making skills. Activities are detailed in a calendar of events that include outings to restaurants, theatres, sporting events, and more! All club participants should have basic money management skills and be able to indicate basic needs.


Social Clubs and Dance Information


Membership Process

To be a club member, simply fill in the name of the club on the registration form, choose the type of membership, and pay the amount. Fall schedule begins in October, winter schedule begins in January, and spring schedule begins in April. You will receive a calendar of events that will have barcodes for each activity. All registrations should be sent to: MCRD, Attn: Registrar, 4010 Randolph Rd., Silver Spring, Md., 20902.

Active Adults Club

Adults, ages 21 and older with developmental disabilities. Events require members to actively participate in community trips and group activities. 1 staff to 5 participants. Average 2 -3 activities per month.
Membership $40.00 per season or $100 per year



Weekenders Club

Adults, ages 21 and older with learning disabilities. This club serves independent members in group activities that are socially exciting in the community. 1 staff to 6 participants. Average 2-3 activities per month. Membership $40.00 per season or $100.00 per year.



Socializers Club

Adults, ages 21 and older with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, vision and/or hearing impairments. 1 staff to 10 participants. Average 1 activity per month. Base meeting site: Inwood House. Membership only $20.00 per season



Special Event - Dances

Therapeutic Recreation offers 7 Exciting Dances for Teens and Adults, ages 15 and up, with disabilities. Listen to the latest hits played by a DJ, light refreshments, and opportunities to socialize. Doors open at 7:00pm. Transportation must be arranged prior to the event, with pick-up at 10:00pm. Bring ID for check in. Fee: $8.00 - pre-registered or $10.00 at the door.