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Look Ahead - Week of April 15 to April 21, 2018

Executive Summary

The project continues to track on-schedule and within budget. The key activities on site this week remains plumbing of the geothermal system and placement of stone for support of the building’s footers and bottom slab.

Utility Construction

Underground electric (Pepco) work will begin this week (4/16) at the intersection of Grandview Avenue and Reedie Drive and proceeding north in the pavement of Grandview Avenue. This work is disruptive in nature.

The underground electric work will include installation of conduits and electric circuits for Pepco’s power distribution. The new underground electric distribution system will replace the existing overhead Pepco electric lines that will be removed upon completion of this work. The underground work is expected to require 4-5 weeks to complete.

This work will be disruptive in nature as it will require daily set-up of traffic controls, pavement cuts, excavation, backfill, and patching. Grandview Avenue will remain open to two-way traffic at all times. However, five (5) parking meters will be bagged along the west curb lane (parking lane) of Grandview Avenue as this area will be used as a through-lane during the periods between 7am and 5pm. All work will be pursued 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Foundation Construction

Construction of the building foundation awaits the finalization of the geothermal well installation and testing. All geothermal work is expected to be completed by early-May. Meanwhile, as individual geothermal circuits (15-circuits) are completed and tested, large areas become available for foundation construction. Accordingly, stone placement, mud mat construction, waterproofing, footer construction, and bottom slab construction will proceed in areas where geothermal is complete.

Geothermal System

Plumbing of the geothermal wells remains the key activity on the project this upcoming week.

The 150-geothermal wells are now being connected (plumbed) in 15-wells circuits. In all, ten 15-well circuits will be developed and tied into a single manifold at entry to the building. Each circuit is carefully pressure tested and flow tested before being tied into the circuit. The specifications require that pressure testing to detect leaks be conducted for a period of 48 continuous hours before a circuit is cleared for backfill. Horizontal plumbing for the geothermal system will continue over the next several weeks.

Site Dewatering

Site dewatering continues. Foundation construction requires continuous site dewatering through 16-deep wells. This clean groundwater is discharged into the storm drain system as designed. All water discharged from the site is tested and treated for proper pH levels, if necessary, per the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) requirements.

Follow Project Progress via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Horizontal piping for Geothermal System
  • Geothermal flow testing
  • Geothermal 48-hour pressure testing
  • Backfilling of the geothermal system
  • Placement of stone as the foundation base
  • Placement of concrete mud mat
  • Waterproofing atop concrete mud mat
  • Placement of 18-inch thick bottom slab
  • Monitoring Inclinometer stations for embankment movement
  • Monitoring 3-D survey points on Support of Excavation system
  • Testing and monitoring of groundwater discharge water
Project photo
Geothermal Piping
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