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Look Ahead - Week of January 21 to January 27, 2018

Executive Summary

The project continues to track on-schedule and within budget.

Arrival of North Tower Crane Requires Temporary Closure of Parking Lot 13

The new 14-story building will require two (2) tower cranes to construct. The south tower crane was delivered and erected over the weekend of January 13. The north tower crane which stands 405 feet tall, will be delivered and erected over the upcoming weekend of January 27 & 28.

In order to avoid major impacts to traffic and to minimize the overall impact to the immediate area, the west side of Lot 13 will be temporarily closed from 6AM Friday, January 26, through 6PM Sunday, January 28th to allow for the delivery and erection of the north tower crane. This closure is necessary to avoid a two-day closure of Grandview Avenue.

The north tower crane will be assembled and erected using a large mobile hydraulic crane similar to the procedure used for erection of the south tower crane. The mobile crane is scheduled to arrive and be setup Friday, January 26. This is a full-day operation.

Arrival, offloading, assembly, and erection of the north tower crane sections will commence at 6AM on Saturday, January 27 and complete by 6PM Sunday, January 28. The extended weather forecast shows cloudy with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees which is ideal for this work.

Parking Lot 13 will be signed and posted during the upcoming week alerting patrons of the impending temporary two-day closure.

Please note that the permit spaces located in the east side of Lot 13 will not be affected and will remain available.

Building Foundation Excavation Advances to the Bottom of the Hole

Excavation for the building foundation will be completed late next week. The excavation has reached “footer elevation” at both the north and south ends of the site. Excess soils are now being removed from the hole using special equipment with a long-reach. A special “long stick” excavator arrived this week and will be used to finish the job!

Demolition of the Mid-County Regional Services Center Building

Demolition of the Regional Services Building is scheduled to take place within the next two weeks.

Service providers formally located in the Mid-County Regional Services Building have relocated as noted in the Special Bulletin.

Building Foundation Excavation

Excavation for the building foundation is nearly complete. The contractor has reached sub-grade elevation throughout the hole. Excess soils, stockpiled in the hole, must now be removed. A special “long-stick” excavator will arrive next week to finish the job.

Tie-Down Anchors

Installation of tie-down anchors is 25 percent complete. In total, one hundred sixty nine (169) foundation tie-down anchors will be installed around the perimeter of the building foundation. Tie-down anchors are long steel rods that are embedded 20 feet into the underlying bedrock and grouted in place (see photo). The rods penetrate through the building foundation and are secured at the topside of the footer with large washers and lock-down nuts. Tie-down anchors are installed to resist expected upward hydraulic pressure of groundwater once the dewatering operation ceases.

Site Dewatering

Mass excavation and construction of the building foundation requires the lowering of the groundwater table, which is generally 35 feet below the existing ground surface. The dewatering process will temporarily lower the groundwater roughly 25 feet to allow for construction. Dewatering is currently underway 24/7 and will continue over the next 22 months at which time pumping will discontinue and groundwater will restore to its normal levels. As noted above, all tie-down anchors will be in place and secured tightly prior to deactivation of the dewatering system. All water discharged from the site is treated for proper pH levels per the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) requirements.

Recovery and Connection of the Geothermal System

The one hundred fifty (150) Geothermal wells, installed earlier in the project, will now be recovered at subgrade, pressure tested, flushed, and joined together vis-à-vis horizontal piping.

Following installation of the wells from the original ground level, the wells were cutoff and capped at 2 feet below the elevation of bottom of foundation, which has now been reached. The wells will now be recovered, pressure tested, flushed with water, and piped together in groups (or grids) to form the final geothermal configuration. The Geothermal system will provide the building with 30 percent of its energy needs.

Administrative Preparations

The Contractor, Architect, Developer, and Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) are busy exchanging and reviewing detailed submittals to ensure strict compliance with project specifications and all applicable building codes. In all, over 2,000 separate submittals will be developed, exchanged, and reviewed by the project team. No construction is permitted to proceed until all related material submittals, craftsman qualifications, testing, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control has been approved.

Follow the Excavation via the Project Camera

A camera has been installed to view the construction on the site. Click here to access the camera.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Temporary 2-day closure of Reedie Dr. between Triangle Ln. and Grandview Ave.
  • Delivery and erection of south tower crane.
  • Construction of the foundation for the north tower crane.
  • Installation of foundation tie-down anchors.
  • Completion of Support of Excavation including lagging boards and tie-back anchors.
  • Hydraulic testing of tie-back Anchors.
  • Hydraulic testing of tie-down Anchors.
  • Monitoring Inclinometer stations for movement.
  • Monitoring 3-D survey.
  • Testing of all soils before hauling offsite.
  • Testing and monitoring of groundwater discharge.
Project photo
Foundation and Base for North Tower Crane
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